Faculty & Staff Directory


Name Position Phone
Pearson, Justin Agriculture 574-223-2176 x4131


Name Position Phone
Schaeffer, Sandi Art 574-223-2176 x4201

Family and Consumer Science

Name Position Phone
Butler, Alison FACS 574-223-2176 x4201
Snyder, Jennifer Department Chair, FACS 574-223-2176 x4108

Foreign Language

Name Position Phone
Pote, Lucy Spanish 574-223-2176 x4213
Zartman, Jennifer Spanish 574-223-2176 x4215

Health/Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Felke, Katie Department Chair, Health/Physical Education 574-223-2176 x4117
Grant, Joseph Physical Education 574-223-2176 x4119

Language Arts

Name Position Phone
Atkinson, Jesse World Literature (English 10) 574-223-2176 x4115
Brown, Trevor BioLit/Tech Prep (English 9) 574-223-2176 x4225
Friend, Laura Language Arts/Yearbook 574-223-2176x4207
Hoover, Valerie Department Chair, Language Arts/Dual Credit English 574-223-2176 x4111
Showley, Hope American Studies (English 11) 574-223-2176 x4209


Name Position Phone
Border, Cindy Librarian 574-223-2176 x4008
VandenBossche, Deanna Media Coordinator 574-223-2176


Name Position Phone
Gard, Clint Department Chair, Algebra 2, Adv. Algebra 2 574-223-2176 x4216
Kelly, Sean Geometry, Adv. Geometry 574-223-2176 x4221
Screeton, Terry PreCalculus, Calculus, AP Calculus 574-223-2176 x4107
Williams, Lori Algebra 1, Algebra 2 574-223-2176 x4217


Name Position Phone
Danhauser, David Instrumental Music 574-223-2176 x4121
Terry, Parker Department Chair, Vocal Music 574-223-2176 x4122


Name Position Phone
Blackburn, Amy Department Chair, Biomedical Sciences 574-223-2176 x4222
Burke, Becky Integrated Chemistry/Physics, Physics 574-223-2176 x4124
Hinderlider, Leah Earth Space Science, BioLit (Biology 1) 574-223-2176 x4218
Krawczyk, Steve Biology 574-223-2176 x4129
Norris, Laura Integrated Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry 1 & 2, Biology 2 Zoology 574-223-2176 x4224

Social Studies

Name Position Phone
Malchow, Robert Sociology/US History/World History 574-223-2176 x4208
Reinholt, Rex American Studies (US History) 574-223-2176 x4211
Stalbaum, Scott Psychology/World Literature (Geography) 574-223-2176 x4113
Stesiak, Tony Department Chair, Economics/Government 574-223-2176 x4210

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Bean, Linda Special Needs Teacher 574-223-2176 x4203
Belcher, Shannon Special Needs Assistant 574-223-2176
James, Mary Special Needs Assistant 574-223-2176
Kelly, Brenda Special Needs Assistant 574-223-2176
Omondi, Phelix Special Needs Teacher 574-223-2176 x4204
Pruiett, Kory Special Needs Assistant 574-223-2176
Pryor, Amy Special Needs Assistant 574-223-2176
Reinholt, Alison Special Needs Teacher 574-223-2176 x4112
Schoenhals, Lukas Special Needs Teacher 574-223-2176 x4205
Wolford, Deb Department Chair, Special Education 574-223-2176 x4105


Name Position Phone
Haselby, Rachel Computer/Intro to Accounting/Tech Prep (Interactive Media) 574-223-2176 x4113
Lowe, Joel Department Chair, Project Lead the Way 574-223-2176 x4125

Instructional Assistant

Name Position Phone
Stockberger, Kathy Directed Study 574-223-2176 x4128
Swick, Shirley Credit Recovery 574-223-2176 x4109
    • Central Office

      Rochester School Corporation
      690 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223 2159
      Jana Vance, Supt.


      High School

      Rochester Community HS
      1 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223-2176
      Fax: 574-223-3401
      Adam Strasser, Prin.
      Chris Keisling, Asst. Prin.
    • Middle School

      Rochester Community MS
      650 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223-2280
      Oscar Haughs, Prin.
      Cassie Murphy, Asst. Prin.
      Nathan Kreamer, Counselor


      Columbia Elementary
      1502 Elm St.
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223-2501
      Fax: 574-223-0530
      Jason Snyder, Prin.

      Riddle Elementary
      302 Barkman St.
      Rochester, IN  46975

      Tel: 574-223-2880
      Fax: 574-223-1539
      Luke Biernacki, Prin.

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