Work Ethic Information

2019-2020 Governor's Work Ethis Certificate

Persistence -Work through challenges/obstacles
Respectfulness- Be kind and courteous, have a positive attitude, communicate
Initiantice- Self-starter, critical thinking
Dependability- Readiness, resposible
Efficiency- organized, punctual, self-managment

Why get a Work Ethic Certificate?
-Exhibits skills needed for next level
-Demonstrates work readiness
-Gain competative edge

-2.0 GPA or higher
-Meet graduations requirements
-98% attendence rate (no more than 4 absences or 4 days tardy)
-No more than 1 discipline referral

What's next?
-Community service (6 hours)
-Signing up! - Click HERE for documentation!

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                                                                  IvyTech's Sycamore Scholars Program
                                                                Work Ethic Information