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Zebra News

Thursday, May 23rd
RCSC is closed due the power outage and storm damage. We have gotten this instructional day waived, and will not have to do a make-up nor
E-Learning day. As we continue to assess the damage, please stay off school grounds until the corporation has given the confirmation that it is safe.

  • May 22, 2019

    Underclassmen meet in Auditorium
    2019 Graduates meet in Auxiliary Gym

    All members of the football team and anyone interested in playing football in the fall should meet in room 221 tomorrow during homeroom for important summer information.  All players or prospective players need to attend.

    Attention current interns and half day students. Thursday and Friday you will report to Mrs. Snyder during internship hours.  Half day students must report to Mrs. Snyder before leaving school for the day on Thursday!

    Seniors, if you have not purchased your cap and gown, please bring $42 to the main office to purchase them.  You will need them for the group picture taken at graduation practice on May 29.

    Students should start saving anything they want kept from their Macbooks.  They will be wiped at the start of summer break.  

    Seniors, your email will be shut down starting August, so please move information to a new email.

    Seniors, graduation slideshow pictures are due this Friday. Please send Senior pictures to Mrs. Friend through email.

    Yearbooks are now on sale for $60 and are limited in supply. Orders must be placed before the school year ends. See Mrs. Friend in room 207 for an order form, or to submit your order, or visit the RHS webpage to order.


    2017 – 2018 Profile

                                                           General Information

               Grades 9-12                                                                                   Principal - 1
             2017-2018 School Population                                                     Assistant Principal - 1
                       531 students                                                                        Counselors - 2
                       276 male                                                                               Media Specialist - 1
                       255 female                                                                           Nurse - 1
              Teachers - 36                                                                                Secretaries - 5

                                                                            SAT Scores

    Class of


    # Testing

    Avg. Critical Reading

    Avg. Math

    Avg. Total Score


    132 92- (70%)

    457 490 947
    2012 125 83- (66%)

    458 468 926
    2013 129 85- (66%)

    484 537 1021
    2014 125 76- (61%)

    479 477 956
    2015 115 79- (69%)

    485 490 975
    2016 132 76- (58%)

    475 472 947
    2017 120 81- (67.5%)

    521 507 1028
    2018 145 83- (57%)

    534 518 1058

    Class of 2018 Statistics

                                    145 Graduates
                                    Average SAT score for Top Ten Students –1301
                                    Academic & Technical Honors Diploma Recipients - 3
                                    Academic Honors Diploma Recipients – 50
                                    Technical Honors - 0            
                                    Core 40 Diploma Recipients – 74
                                    General Diplomas - 14
                                    Certificates - 4

                                    Future Plans:
                                             4 - year college - 53.1%
                                             2 - year college - 3.5%
                                            Voc/Tech college - 4.1%
                                            Work - 22.1%
                                            Military - 6.2%
                                            Undecided - 11%
  • Zebra New Tech High applies to all four grade levels. But more than "new tech", RHS strives to meet student needs. Great opportunities exist for students in all areas:
    • Studying Biomedical Science in our science department
    • Studying Spanish or Chinese to improve foreign language speaking and listening skills
    • Studying World Languages while also gaining an understanding for the cultural aspect
    • Studying engineering in our Project Lead The Way curriculum
    • Learning 21st Century Skills in all classes (collaboration, work ethics, oral presentation, written communication, research, technology)
    • Vocational courses leading to certification in designated areas
    • Fine arts (art and music) and practical arts (agriculture and family and consumer science)
    • Over 30 classes to earn dual credit for high school and college
    American students are falling behind the rest of the world. As educators, students and parents we need to rededicate ourselves to excellence. A stronger partnership needs to exist between parents and educators. Please check your student's status using Harmony (report cards and attendance) and Echo. For Echo, the day to day organizational system used by students, use your student's login and password to check assignments, due dates and daily grades.
    As educators we need to communicate with parents when students are excelling or struggling. Our focus must be on student success.
  • Honored in 2014 and 2015 with 'A' Grade.RHS2

Financial aid help available on mobile app
New college students and those returning for the 2019-2020 school year can now fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form from their smartphones.

The My Student Aid app can be used to complete the FAFSA or check federal student aid history. Not only is this convenient, but it is also beneficial to those who may rely on their phones for internet access.

The FAFSA is a form that needs to be filed annually to determine financial aid eligibility for college students and those planning to attend school. Regardless of income level, every college student should file a FAFSA each year. The deadline for filing for the 2019-2020 academic year is April 15, 2019.

The FAFSA can also be filled out online at If you need assistance submitting the application, call 1-800-4FED-AID.

Suicide Prevention Texting Hotline-

Text IN to 741-741

Suicide Prevention Calling Hotline-

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