August 22

Applications for class officers are due to Mrs. Hoover today.. 

Seniors, please be sure to get your meningitis shot if you haven’t already done so. Remember this is a school requirement.

Team KIK Back to School Dance is tomorrow at Fulton County Fairgrounds. Also, entry forms for Team KIK Glo Race are available in main office.

Jostens representatives will be here on Wednesday, August 27 to take senior orders for announcement and graduation products during lunch and 5:00 – 7:00 in the front lobby.  A $75 deposit is required.   Also, for any student interested, class ring orders will be taken and all you need is a $50.00 deposit.  Announcement and ring packets are available in the main office.  You can also check out all Jostens products at

Attention students and staff:  Key Club will host a blood drive on Thursday, August 28 during the school day.  We hope you'll consider donating blood if you are 17 years or older, in good health and not participating in a fall sport.  You may sign up in the library or look for the recruiting table at lunch.  

There will be dance team tryouts on August 28 after school.  If you cannot make it to tryouts, please contact the athletic office or contact Dance Team Sponsor Liz McCullough at 574-835-6905.

Sports: Football at Eastbrook, 7:30 PM

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A visit from State Superintendent Glenda Ritz

State Superintendent visited Zebra New Tech high recently.  See pictures of the visit on the next page.  Special thanks to Mike Kenney, Rochester Sentinel Photographer

Education to Build 21st Century Skills

education to build

In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

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Football RHS: 40 Eastbrook: 14 4:39 left in 4th quarter #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -3389 seconds ago
Football RHS: 40 Eastbrook: 7 7:26 left in 4th quarter #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -2929 seconds ago
Football RHS: 40 Eastbrook: 0 11:30 left in 4th quarter #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -2331 seconds ago
Football RHS: 33 Eastbrook: 0 Start of 4th quarter #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -2073 seconds ago
3 QB sacks in a row by J Heckathorn!!! #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -1711 seconds ago
Football RHS: 33 Eastbrook: 0 8:38 left in 3rd quarter #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras -1029 seconds ago
Football RHS: 26 Eastbrook: 0 Halftime #ZebraNation #ZebraFootball
by RochesterZebras 7 minutes ago
Welcome to the Rochester Community High School web site!

As Principal, I believe you will find our website informative and a useful tool to gather information regarding RHS.

Rochester High School is an outstanding high school where we are committed to the success of each of our students. Strong parental involvement in the education of their children is a vital component to our success. Working together, we are helping the children grow into readers, writers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers, as we prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Many changes are coming to RHS. New courses and dual-credit opportunities are being expanded.  More Project Lead the Way classes are being offered including CIM and Biomedical Sciences.

There are many ways for you to communicate with us. Our address, phone numbers, and email address are listed here on the website. We look forward to hearing from you regarding anything that can help us continue to thrive as an excellent school.

Jason Snyder, Principal

Rochester High School houses grades 9-12.  The school is located on the southwest side of Rochester, just south of the City Park.  RHS serves about 575 students and has 35 teachers, 2 counselors, a media specialist, nurse, assistant principal, principal, ECA treasurer, and 4 secretaries.
SAT Scores

Class of Grads # Testing Avg Critical Avg Math Avg Avg Total
      Reading   Writing Score
2006 112 64 (57%) 478 501 * 979
2007 123 103 (84%) 483 495 464 1442
2008 121 72 (60%) 476 500 455 1431
2009 128 69 (53%) 482 491 456 1429
2010 158 102 (65%) 488 493 455 1436
2011 132 92 (70%) 457 490 443 1390

    *Writing test was added to the SAT in Spring 2005, scores not available before 2007
Class of 2011 Statistics

  • 132 graduates
  • Average SAT score for Top Ten Students -  1729
  • Academic Honors Diploma Recipients - 48
  • Technical Honors Diploma Recipients - 5
  • Core 40 Diploma Recipients - 55
  • Future Plans
    • 4 year college - 56%
    • 2 year college - 12%
    • Vo-Tech college - 8 %
    • Work - 12%
    • Military - 4%
    • Undecided - 8%
Zebra New Tech High now applies to all four grade levels. But more than "new tech", RHS strives to meet student needs. Great opportunities exist for students in all areas:
  • Studying Biomedical Science in our science department
  • Studying Spanish or Chinese supplemented by Rosetta Stone to improve foreign language speaking and listening skills
  • Studying World Languages through the use of Rosetta Stone while also gaining an understanding for the cultural aspect
  • Studying engineering in our Project Lead The Way curriculum
  • Learning 21st Century Skills in all classes (collaboration, work ethics, oral presentation, written communication, research, technology)
  • Vocational courses leading to certification in designated areas
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Fine arts (art and music) and practical arts (agriculture and family and consumer science)
  • Over 30 classes to earn dual credit for high school and college
American students are falling behind the rest of the world. As educators, students and parents we need to rededicate ourselves to excellence. A stronger partnership needs to exist between parents and educators. Please check your student's status using Harmony (report cards and attendance) and Echo. For Echo, the day to day organizational system used by students, use your student's login and password to check assignments, due dates and daily grades.
As educators we need to communicate with parents when students are excelling or struggling. Our focus must be on student success.

School Status

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Bully Hotline

224-SAFE (7233)

Bullying can affect you in many ways. You may lose sleep or feel sick. You may want to skip school. You may even be thinking about suicide. If you are feeling hopeless or helpless or know someone that is, please call the Bully Hotline at 223-SAFE (7233). 

School Reach

Echo Login

To get login information to access your child’s Echo program which contains, their class agendas, grades, assignments etc., send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and she will fix you up with login information.

School Letter Grade

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